21 January 2011

Tears keep falling...

It should be on Tuesday but the tears just coming out today
For me, tears don't come out easily but for certain reason, it just do.
Somehow the reason is not as big as something terrible happen to me.
It is just because of the drama. So dramatic.

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The drama is called Hani. The drama was on Tuesday but I have class that day and I missed the drama. When I watch it online at Malaymoviesfull, it was so tragic. No wonder my tears keep coming out. At that time something came out from my mind. What if that situation happen to me? Brain Cancer. It is a big thing. Something that can change our life. When Hani went back home to see her siblings, I just couldn't stand it. It is so sad. Then she came to school. Met her friends. 
Ya Allah..Only you know the situation.

This is not the first time I cried when I watch dramas or movies. That drama (Hani) is so..I can't describe it. So for me I am not only crying because of drama but in reality I do cry. Although sometimes people don't know I cry because of them, I cry. Believe me. I may look cool outside which are not much talking, walk like there are no people in front, ignoring the nervousness. In the inside, I may have heartbroken (dlm hati ade taman).

So that's the end of story..

* saje tulis entry dlm english. nk improve english gamaknye


  1. macam mana ur heart ley broken dlm masa yg sma dlm hatia anda ada taman?
    musykil skit disitu..hee