28 June 2011

New experience

It has been 7 days including today. I've been worked as an 'Ustazah' at Institut Iqra' Bestari. So how's the name? Is is an islamic school..not some kind of college or institute. Actually I've been asking my neighbour (which was also my former teacher), if there is any empty at her school but then the teacher who is suppose to deliver in the middle of June has not deliver yet (she might be suffering). On the other hand, my neighbour recommended me to work as an 'Ustazah' private Islamic school. I have to wait for the call. Finally, that Islamic school offered me to work there because they lack of teachers. I was asked to work there in the afternoon on Monday last week. It was a sudden action but when I thought about it, 'nah..it would be good because I don't have to teach on that day'. It was a shocked then because I need to teach as soon as I enter that school. Wah..why this is happening?? The Ustazah (cikgu besar) said because I was studied in 'Sekolah Agama'. 

1st day seems awkward because I don't really know how to start and I don't know the students. How 'good' the students are?? It was chaotic sometimes because I'm teaching Standard 2. Not all students be able to concentrate and most of them really like to ask. "Just answer them la..If not then just leave them alone with unsatisfied reaction..haha".
The next day and next day and next day, I'm starting to get the rhythm. Sometimes my tone is high and sometimes I don't really have the strength to push them. Just let them be..I'm also starting to recognize the students because I'm going to work there until the end of August. If I'm not able to recognize them, it will be a problem. After all, I'm teaching only 1 class. And now I think I can remember their names and faces. Only one or two students that seem hard to remember (dah x dtg cmne la aku nk igt). I more thing. I have to teach all subjects including Qiraati, Al-Quran, Feqah, Jawi, Akhlak, Tauhid, Khat, Arab n Hafazan. 

That is how my new experience started.

***Td baru je dpt gaji. Walaupun sket, duit gak kan???


  1. At least, you earn some money ;) This gonna be one of your wonderful experience ;)-Ati baek. HAHA-